Best Unicorn Darts In 2022 (Professional’s Review & Guide)

Best Unicorn Darts 2020Unicorn darts are, along with Harrows dart, probably the most recognized at a professional level. The price of best Unicorn darts can be very interesting considering the high quality and finishes of the darts of this brand of the highest level in the darting world.

It is not only a brand of darts but also other widespread sports in the Anglo-Saxon world, such as cricket or pool games. In addition to darts, Unicorn also makes excellent quality dart boards used in official competitions.

In this article, you can find the Unicorn dart most appreciated by dart game lovers. However, if you prefer to consult the entire range available on Amazon, here is the link where you can browse them directly.

Best Unicorn Darts Brand

This brand have a medium-high price but do not discard them because your design will make you fall in love. Below you have the four most outstanding darts. Both Cloud Joe Cullen Maestro and Gary Anderson are made of 90% tungsten and differ in weight (21 grams vs. 27 grams).

If you prefer to treat yourself and go to the premium category, don’t miss the Unicorn Jelle Klaasen 27 grams and 97% tungsten dart. You can also opt for the same darts in the 2019 edition of 20 grams of weight.

Except for Joe Cullen Maestro dart, which come with a somewhat wider feather than the other three Unicorn novelties, the aerodynamic differences between these darts are little relevant beyond the weight, so this should be the fundamental factor with which to choose your next dart.

If you are looking for Unicorn brand darts at more affordable prices, don’t miss the next two sections.

Metal Tip Unicorn Darts

If you are looking for a dart with a metal tip at a lower price than the ones above, both the Silver Star and the Core XL T90 will fit perfectly with what you are looking for.

Silver Star and Core XL T90

The price of both options is very similar and you can choose between weights of 20 to 26 grams and 23 to 29 grams, respectively.

Core XL T90 Style 1-90% Tungsten
Core XL T90 Style 1-90% Tungsten Dart
Silver Star Gary Anderson
Unicorn Silver Star Gary Anderson Dart
Autograph 80% Tungsten Soft Tip Darts
Autograph Soft Tip Dart

Autograph Soft Tip

Autograph darts, with 80% tungsten and a weight of 19 grams, are also hitting the female crowd. As Unicorn maintains, they are darts “designed by and for women.” It is not frequent to find darts with a design especially geared towards the female audience, but Autographs are the best in this subcategory.

Plastic Tip Unicorn Dart

On the contrary, if you want to buy Unicorn plastic darts, the company itself makes available to you, through Amazon, a whole range from which you can choose.

Core XL Striker and Brass Gary Anderson

Here you have our best recommendations, the Core XL Striker 18 grams and 80% tungsten, and the Brass Gary Anderson, made of brass, weighing between 16 and 19 grams and of a logically lower price.

Unicorn Core XL Striker
Core XL Striker Soft Dart
Unicorn Brass Gary Anderson Soft Tip Darts
Brass Gary Anderson Soft Tip Dart

The Best Opinions

Here’s an up-to-date list of the best-selling and best-loved Unicorn darts from the Pickdartboard community. Choose yours with this comparison!

Unicorn Core Plus S
Core Plus S
Rose Kuli Steel Tip Dart Set
Rose Kuli
Unicorn Silver Star 80% Tungsten Gary Anderson
Silver Star 80% Tungsten Gary Anderson
Unicorn Darts - Dart Punch
Dart Punch
Core Brass, Steel Darts
Core Brass, Steel Dart

In short, Unicorn is synonymous with prestige, British tradition, and precision when it comes to darts. It is one of the great brands of this sport (for many the market leader) so its products have an unbeatable quality seal. If you could not find Unicorn darts in this article that fit what you were looking for, remember that the following button will show you the dozens of references that you have available on Amazon. Happy dart games!

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