How to Clean A Dartboard | Complete Guide & Tips

How to Clean A Dart boardIf you want to increase the durability of anything, the most important thing is its cleaning. The same is the case with the dartboards. If you have one, then you are aware of the fact that you have to clean it regularly. Otherwise, there are chances that they’ll wear out in no time. Although their cleaning is not like blind washing. It is a little tricky, and you should know the proper way to clean the type of the one you have.

If you are looking for detailed instructions about “how to clean a dartboard,” then this article will help you for sure.

Complete Guide on Cleaning a DartBoard

This article will provide you a detailed guide on cleaning a dartboard. We will share the proper cleaning instructions of their different types based on our experience. Cleaning of the board depends upon how often you play and also from how long you have been playing on the same one. It also relies on the type of one you have. So, we are providing a solution to all your issues regarding their cleaning in this article.

1. How to Clean a Bristle Dartboard

Bristle dartboards are famous because of their durability. The long-lasting feature of bristle dartboards is because of the sisal and bristle fibers used in the making of the boards. The main advantage of having a bristle one is its restoring ability. They instantly regain their position back when the dart is removed. Like any other of them, they also require proper attention from a cleaning perspective. Cleaning will not only boost their resilience but also prevent them from wearing out soon.

Firstly, you have to detach the number ring from the board carefully. After that, by using a vacuum cleaner with slight suction pressure, suck off all the dirt particles from its surface. You can also use a mild scrubbing brush for this purpose. Next thing you have to do is to use a soft dry cloth. Wipe off all the remaining smaller dirt particles that are still present.

Some people recommend using a soft damp cloth for cleaning it. It is not highly recommended, but you can use it. The only thing you must have to consider is that you must squeeze off all the water from the cloth before using it.

2. How to Clean a Cork Dartboard

Unlike bristle dartboard, cork dartboards are not self-restorable. This feature is a little disappointing in a way that it is not as long-lasting as the bristle one is. But its price justifies its quality. It is affordable; instead, it is better to say its price is quite low. So, you can easily switch to a new one in case it will wear out. However, proper cleaning and care can add some more time in its age.

Its cleaning is almost similar to the bristle dartboard cleaning. You have to remove the steel number ring carefully. Then remove the excess darting clumps or dirt particles. You can use a vacuum cleaner or mild brush for doing this. Finally, gently rub the dry cloth over the board to remove the residual dirt particles.

Cork dartboards sometimes excessively dry out and lose their elasticity. For this purpose, use a wet cloth after squeezing all the excessive water. Make sure not even a droplet comes out of the fabric when you squeeze it. Cover the board with that cloth overnight. It will help in restoring their elasticity and strength.

3. How to Clean an Electronic Dartboard

Electronic dartboards are super easy to clean as they are made up of plastic. Soft plastic tips are used for dart purposes. It would be best if you use a dry and soft cloth to remove all the dirt from them. As they are electronic, so they have delicate wires and electronics, so wet cloth can destroy these off. You can also use small cotton buds for the cleaning of small holes and corners where your bare hand can’t reach properly.

The thing is that you all can notice how dirt can destroy any electronic device by blocking the small holes and perforations. The same is the case here. That’s why you have to make sure that the tips are also clean, and they are not carrying more dirt towards the dartboard. So, every time before starting your game, clean the tips and board with the dry cloth. This way, your part of the job is done, and if still, it stops working, then it’s not your fault.

4. How to Clean a Wooden Dartboard

Wooden dartboards are the most traditional ones. Before bristle, cork, and electronic, wooden dartboards were used. However, currently, they are not frequently seen at game bars or homes. Their cleaning is not an easy task. They need proper care and time in terms of maintenance.

As it is a wood, so you can’t easily wash them off because instead of cleaning, it’ll destroy your dartboard. You won’t need any damp cloth, soap, and water for its cleaning. You have to take care of them the same way as your furniture. To maintain their shine and quality you can use wood or furniture polish. It will not only maintain the moisture content of the wood but also cleans it deeply.

Wooden items are most prone to acquire dampness and then get swelling because of high moisture content. Contrarily, if you don’t often polish them, they will dry off extremely and even get cracks. So, to keep the wooden dartboard as a companion in your game room for a long time, you must have to take care of its cleaning.

Turning the Dartboard

As we have taught you, the next step is to turn the board. After cleaning, you have to put the metal number ring back on the board. Before attaching the ring back again, try turning the position of the board. The only reason for doing this is that everyone has its favorite number, which he/she hits every time. So, that position of the board is more prone to damage than the whole. Because of this reason, turning it every back and forth will keep your dartboard evenly darted.


Cleaning of the dartboards is not rocket science. You have to learn little tips and tricks, and you are good to go. Every type of dartboard is made of different materials, so the cleaning is also different. By reading this article, you can learn quickly about how to clean a dartboard of any type. Moreover, it’s not like you have to clean it daily. You have to keep doing at regular intervals like once in a week.

If we talk about the electronic ones, then they are the easiest to clean. That’s why periodic cleaning in their case is not a difficult thing. It’ll hardly require 5-10 minutes.

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