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How to Maintain Your Darts and Dart BoardThe game of darts, as old age as it may seem, is still loved by plenty. It may not look like a sport full of fights, action, and speed, but it sure is a fun sport for non-violent games and competitions. If you are a dart game lover, you would have come across a situation where your favorite dartboard starts to wear out. It deteriorates after some years of giving you company-not a good feeling I tell you. So, here are a few tips that can help you with your dartboard maintenance:

1. Rotating the dartboard

Some zones of the board get hit by the dart more frequently than the others. It is especially true for the 20-scoring zone of your dartboard. So, one of the essential steps towards maintenance is to rotate it regularly. This method will avoid the wear and tear of your favorite dartboard and also increase its lifetime.

How to rotate the dartboard?

The task of the rotating board is as easy as it may sound. Start with unclipping the metal ring from the board’s edges. Rotate the unclipped part to make the next section take the place of the previous zone. Turning the dartboard spreads the wear to those zones that are not hit more frequently, thus increasing its life.

How often should the dartboard be rotated?

The answer to this depends upon your usage and how good of a player you are. If you are a professional, rotate the dartboard every twenty minutes of continuous play. If not, you can rotate it every two days or so. Rotating dartboard for maintenance is the most crucial step.

2. Don’t use to much Water or Liquid cleaner

Water is a solution to everything but not in this case. Keep water or any liquid away from your dartboard. A dartboard is usually made of cork or sisal. Such materials are very brittle. When it is soaked in water or any liquid, it starts to break the structure internally. In short, the lifespan of your dartboard decreases too.

Similarly, if you have encounter such mishap, you cannot even expose the board to sunlight too for drying. Heat can destroy the texture.

If you think the board is getting too dirty, we recommend just spraying water or cleaning liquid and wipe it off as soon as possible. Try to keep it dry.

3. Use micro-fiber cloth for cleaning

Whether you use your dartboard regularly or not, cleanliness is essential to increase the lifespan of it. The layer of dust can affect the performance of the darts as well. But dusting board off with just any cloth can damage the quality.

We recommend using a microfiber cloth for cleaning it. You can also use any fabric made from the soft cotton thread as well. Here is one of the easiest methods to clean the board with the resources already present in the house:

How to clean the dartboard?

Spraying water or any cleaner will help you in cleaning it for sure. But many users are confused about what is the proper way of cleaning the board. All you need is four things to set up a cleaning station for your dartboard:

  • Micro-fiber cloth or soft cotton cloth
  • Few drops of dishwashing liquid or a small amount to detergent.
  • Clean water
  • A spray bottle

Mix the cleaning agent with water and pour it in the spray bottle. Lightly spray with detergent-water mixture over the dartboard and clean with the cloth as soon as possible.

Remember, do not let the material soak in the liquid. Excessive water has a substantial impact on the durability of a dartboard.

4. Watch for the environment.

Water and moisture are the nemeses of your beautiful dartboard. We recommend you not even to hang your board in a humid and damp place. The dry and cool environment should be preferred for hanging as the material used for making dartboard can last longer in a dry environment. If your designated game room is in the basement, be vigilant and consider switching with a less humid one. If your board seems blurry, use a clean, dry cloth to clean your dartboard.

5. Keep your board away from light.

Another caution that must be taken while hanging and using your dartboard is to keep the face of your board away from direct sunlight. Also, keep the board away from the light of high voltage bulbs or halogen spotlight bulbs. The light that comes out of these bulbs produces a large amount of heat that can cause potential damage to the colors of your dartboard. Thus keeping the face of your board away from intense direct light is another efficient method for dartboard maintenance.

How can the problem of light be solved?

Instead of using high voltage heat producing bulbs, use a small LED light that produces minimum heat or consider switching to a diffused light source. You can also use a dartboard cabinet for your dartboard when not in use.

6. Twist and don’t pull the darts

Take caution while pulling the darts out after they have been thrown. It is especially true for the deeply buried darts as pulling the darts straight from the board using force can harm it. We recommend giving the dart a little twist before pulling it straight out of them.

7. Lookout for darts that have blunt tips

Dart usually has rounded points that fit into the dartboard’s fibers, making it easy for them to come out after they have been thrown. But if the tip of your darts has become blunt, it will make wider holes in the board that are less likely to recover. I suggest changing the darts once in a while to maintain a healthy dartboard.

How to get the perfect dart points?

Instead of changing the darts altogether, sharpen the blunt ends using dart sharpener. But make sure you don’t make them too pointy as it will do more harm than good. Some professionals suggest that the friction that is created by pulling the darts from the dartboard is enough to keep the points rounded and in perfect shape.

Follow the tips mentioned above for your board maintenance, and you will be surprised to see how these tips have improved the life of your dartboard. Moreover, with the advancement of technology, the dartboards have evolved from woods and cork. New synthetic fibers and materials have taken their place. The manufacturing industry is trying to improve the quality of the board. But this does not mean you don’t have to play your part in keeping them maintained. If you are a professional or fond of indulging yourself in this non-violent exciting and challenging game, you must understand the importance of keeping your favorite dartboard maintained.

8. Know the capacity of the dartboard

Darts is a fun game to play with our loved ones. One of the reasons why the game is so popular is because many friends can play without leaving anyone behind. What if you have been using a board of two players for four or six players?

Many designs are available in the market with the designated number of players. If you already have a board, we recommend playing with enough players mentioned in the packaging. If not, you can also divide the darts among not more then three players for the small board and six to eight for larger boards.

Consistency of the board decrease if it is used above the capacity it is made for.

9. Don’t use heavy cabinets

Dartboard cabinets are one very compact and convenient thing you will ever find for your darts and dartboard. A good cabinet will not just protect the board but also provide extra storage. Cabinets can enhance the interior of the room, study, or maybe the basement as well.

Every dart lover will try to buy the best quality dartboard cabinets available in the market. But one of the common mistakes they do is buy an over-sized cabinet, or it is way too heavy for the size of the dartboard.

The beautiful carvings on the dart cabinets are eye-catching, but such carving may use some dense structural wood. In short, the weight of the cabinet increases with the demand for carving and storage.

Final Words

The solution we recommend checking the size and weight of the board first. Try to find a cabinet maybe one-third times more massive than the board to avoid any pressure. Do mount the cabinet on the wall accurately. This will make sure that your board lasts longer.

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