Dart Board Height And Distance (Dart Board Regulations)

Dart Board Height And DistanceIf you decide to equip yourself with a dart board and plan to install it at home, you will need to know the official dart board height and distances to respect , including the measurements of the dart board.

At what regulatory height should you set your dart board?

Here are the official rules:

The height of the dart board should be 1.73 ml (from the center of the board to the ground surface).

For the little ones it will seem high, and for the older ones it will seem low, but these are the rules, and you get used to it quickly!

Your brain and muscles get used to habits very quickly. So use official measures from the start.

This measurement is valid whatever the type of board.

How far should the line of fire be placed at the dart board?

Regarding the regulatory distance at which you must place the line of fire, the rules differ depending on the type of board:

  • The steel tip darts used on traditional boards are heavier. The distance is therefore a little less important: the feet must be at least 2.37ml from the board. The diagonal of the firing point towards the center of the bubble must measure 2.93ml.
  • The plastic tip darts or flexible are usually lighter and fly faster. On the electronic darts we place the shooting range at 2.44ml . The diagonal distance then measures 3.00ml.

Installation and fixing of the dart board:

Choose a location with at least 3m free in front of it in length, and about 1.50m in width. A clear space around the board will allow you to easily recover any darts that fall on the ground.

If you plan to play several players regularly, a larger space will allow other players to follow the game. The best thing is to have a dedicated room, with good lighting and enough to put some background music, see a bar and stools.

Mark the holes to be drilled on the wall and drill them. Insert the screws and dowels supplied with the board and hang your board at the correct height.

To mark the shooting point, a simple adhesive tape is enough. You can also use a more professional looking adhesive launch pad.

If you want to avoid drilling your wall, or want to be able to move the board to the location of your choice, outdoors for example, the board support can be very practical:

It’s your turn !

Is your dart board installed at the height and at a regulatory distance? You can now get started in your first games!

But a few last tips before playing:

The darts delivered with the boards are generally quite low-end. They can be enough to play a few games from time to time with your friends or your children. But if you plan to play more regularly, and if you want to improve, it’s important to choose quality darts .

If your darts fall to the ground with each throw you will quickly get discouraged and the fun of the game will be wasted!

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