Best Winmau Darts & Dartboard 2022 (Buying Guide & Reviews)

Best Winmau DartsAre you an dart player? In that case, best Winmau darts are precisely what you’re looking for. After all, such a rare name is not for everyone, is it? If Harrows or Unicorn darts are not your thing and you prefer a brand with a rarer name, Winmau is what you are looking for.

Of course, Winmau darts are not as exotic as it seems because, like much of the competition, they also originate in the United Kingdom, the country par excellence of everything that has to do with dart boards and darts. Winmau has been in the market for almost 70 years selling darts and dart boards of recognized quality (some products used exclusively in first level tournaments) in nearly 100 countries.

Winmau brand darts are in constant innovation and the 2022 catalog is full of very interesting additions and sponsorships from the best players in the world. Without going any further, look at these two new signings, the Winmau Vengeance darts, and the Winmau Calibra. They are an innovation in its purest form!

In this article, you will find our selection of Winmau darts, starting with high-end novelties and then moving on to more affordable metal or plastic tip darts.

Also, we will present to you at the end one of the best selling and best-valued dartboards at this time. Guess whose it is? Yes, from Winmau!

If you prefer to select your Winmau brand darts yourself on Amazon, from the following button you can access the entire range available:

Winmau Darts – Professional Quality

Luckily, Winmau darts are very reasonably priced and even the latest additions are affordable for the pocket of the committed gamer who doesn’t want to spend a fortune.

We are talking about a brand of worldwide recognition and prestige in the world of darts but, at the same time, with prices that the hobbyist can afford, especially considering the very high quality of Winmau both in materials and design and that are darts that they can many, many seasons.

Winmau Aspria 23 grams

For starters, you can take a look at these great 23 gram Winmau Aspria with 85% / 95% tungsten dual-core technology. They are darts with very high precision, an unbeatable grip, and are also available in a lighter version of 18 grams.

Winmau Zagato 23 grams

A very interesting alternative would be the 23-gram Winmau Zagato, whose saga has been renewed in 2022. The Zagato darts are reasonably thinner and more stylized than the Aspria, although their grip can also be somewhat softer. In any case, the prices of both options are very similar and the quality of either of these two ranges is beyond doubt.

Winmau Steel Tip Darts

If you want a metal tip Winmau dart but want to spend a little less money, at Amazon you also have good options at lower prices sold directly by the brand (without intermediaries, so you save the retailer’s commissions).

Many of these metal tipped Winmau darts are available without shipping charges. If you take into account that you will be buying directly from the manufacturer, you know what this means … you are taking a top product at a price without parallel.

Winmau Navigator 90% tungsten and Steve Beaton 22 grams

Let’s start with the presentation of the Winmau Navigator 90% tungsten (23 grams) and Steve Beatons 22 grams (same percentage of tungsten, also 90%). The latter is somewhat shorter but have two striated patterns on the body that can facilitate grip. Being very similar prices and qualities, choosing one or the other is a matter of taste.

Simon Whitlock Gold

Last but not least (in fact, perhaps it is the option that most convinces me at this price), we have the Winmau Simon Whitlock Gold darts. These darts are among the most aerobic and stylized you can find. Extra-long, extra thin, and with a neutral weight of 22 grams that adapts to the vast majority of players. If you are looking for Winmau, 90% tungsten, and a reasonable price, these darts are your choice.

Winmau Plastic Tip Darts

Do you prefer a good plastic tip Winmau that is compatible with your electronic dart board or holes? No problem! This brand also has great options for you.

Top brand darts often have interchangeable tips so you can switch between plastic or steel tips when you feel like it. In any case, here you have the Winmau that you can receive at home completely ready to use with soft plastic tips.

Winmau Graffiti

Within the plastic darts, the Winmau Graffiti is an option that should be considered almost on an obligatory basis, since they are probably the most popular option within this brand. Here you have the 18-gram version, very fine darts with a daring design.

Winmau Sniper

Also take a look at this second option, the 18-gram Sniper, also from the Winmau brand and 90% tungsten. An excellent option to obtain the highest quality at reasonable prices.

The Winmau Snipers are also one of the renovations for the 2019 season and they will surely have a great reception again. Design with 3D modeling laser technology, a margin of error of weight of 0.05 grams, flight stability of the highest level … It will not be easy to find plastic-tipped Winmau of this level and at this price.

Winmau Crisis

Another great Winmau in the 18-gram category is the Crisis darts, featuring a 90% tungsten barrel, fine barrel, and wide feather. We are talking about high-class darts since their margin of error in manufacturing is +/- 0.05 grams, the most demanding in the world of darts.

Cheap Winmau Darts

Do you want brand name darts that come out at a cheap price? If the price factor is the one that weighs the most on your decision, Winmau also has darts at very contained prices that will respond to your needs, since quality and design are never left aside in this house.

Leighton Rees and Ton Machine

Here you have the 27 gram Leighton Rees (metal tip) and the 18 gram Ton Machine (plastic tip). Both options belong to the initial range of Winmau, designed so that everyone can afford darts from this leading brand at unbeatable prices.

Winmau Blade 5: The best selling dart board of this brand

Although this article focuses on darts, the suggestion of the Winmau Blade 5 dart board is almost mandatory. It is one of the best-selling and best-valued dart board for customers (with the highest number of stars on Amazon).

The Winmau Blade 5 is the fifth generation of professional dart board of this prestigious brand and its price on Amazon (sold directly by the manufacturer itself) is usually below 50 euros.

In short, it is just the dartboard you need to play with metal tip darts. The Blade 5 will hold many, many games offering the highest quality.

Have you already found your ideal Winmau darts?

In this article, we have recommended the updated list of best Winmau darts that we consider to be the best in the professional, economic, and average price range, both in steel and plastic tips.

If you have a hard time deciding on one or the other, keep in mind the following: Winmau is a globally recognized brand in the dart world. It would be the equivalent of Adidas or Puma in the shoe world, so you’re in good hands. Not sure which darts are right for you? With Winmau, you can narrow down your choice to the following factors:


Reduce your options to the Winmau designs that you like the most since the quality of all their darts can be taken for granted.


If you are a beginner or even an intermediate player, any weight below 26 grams will do you good. Don’t get your head too hot!


Once you have the darts with a design that you like and weigh between 18-26 grams (we discard the most extreme ones), simply choose according to your budget.

In this simple way, you will take the best Winmau darts for your pocket. Surely you will not regret your purchase.

Finally, remember that you can always check dozens of other Winmau models on Amazon.

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