Best Soft Tip Darts 2021 (Reviews & Ultimate Buyer’s Guide)

Best Soft Tip Darts 2020Dart is no doubt one of the best games in the world. But it all starts, if you are the one who is using the correct products or elements. If you are thinking of increasing your score, then you are supposed to invest in the best soft tip darts in the market. Furthermore, this platform may help you get the right items for your use.

In addition to this, the variety of soft tip darts offers users a wide range of great performance, as well as durability to save the bucks. The majority of users have been facing issues that were costing huge value. Similarly, you should not worry about this thing, as the reviewed products are reliable and unbreakable.

Top 5 Best Soft Tip Darts Reviews In 2021

Having a quality soft tip darts are not cheap. Therefore, we have reviewed some of the good and better quality products that will not hurt your pocket at all. Let’s get to the best soft tip dart reviews.

Wolftop Soft Tip DartsWeight: 17 Grams
Viper Diamond 90% Tungsten Soft Tip DartsWeight: 16 Grams
Viper Sure Grip Soft Tip DartsWeight: 16 Grams
Arachnid Tungsten Soft Tip DartsWeight: 18 Grams
GWHOLE Soft Dart with 16 Dart FlightsWeight: 18 Grams

1. Wolftop Soft Tip Darts 17 Grams 12/15 Pack Plastic Tip Darts  – Best Overall

Wolftop Soft Tip DartsIf you are looking tip darts whose flights are not made of plastic, as they can be broken easily, moreover, Wolftop Soft Tip Darts comes with metal flights that are not easy to break after several uses.


Unbreakable shafts

The shafts of these items are not easily breakable, as they are made of aluminum. In addition to this, some of the products come with plastic shafts that are not durable enough. Similarly, some users say that they are more and more durable than PVC rods. Furthermore, the manufacturer has designed it with a locking hole that can protect your darts from tight leverage.


If you talk about the barrels of Wolftop Soft Tip Darts, then you will surely get the quality barrels. Moreover, the barrels of this product are coated by high-quality black steel. In addition to this, deep grooves allow users to have a perfect and comfortable grip.

Great Choice For All Levels

If you finally go for these items, then you will come to know about one important thing, which is that it is compatible with all levels of players. Nevertheless, these soft tip darts come in a weight of almost 17 grams. Moreover, if you are a professional or playing this game just for fun, you can simply play with these elements effectively.

Important Dart Accessories

You do not only get darts, but the best thing about this product is that you get other dart decorations as well. Hence, along with these products, there are four unique and high-quality flights. In addition to this, these best soft tip darts include quality flights and 36 2BA SIZE dart points.

  • Extra accessories
  • Suitable for all level of players
  • Quality shafts
  • Darts are little bulky

2. Viper Diamond 90% Tungsten Soft Tip Darts – Most Durable

Viper Diamond 90% Tungsten Soft Tip DartsThis model is made with 90% tungsten material that is highly resistant to fading and corrosion can be used in a range of corrosive environments and outdoor applications. Viper diamond is one of the top-rated best soft tip darts.


Robust Aluminum Shaft

Viper Diamond Tungsten alloy is equipped with a sturdy aluminum shaft to provide you with the balance you need to produce games. Besides, it will improve your game that you will feel yourself into some next level. Furthermore, it can enable you to find out the rich advantages of the shafts. This is one of the main factors that the aluminum which is used in this product is designed with extraordinary materials. Darts also provides each player with the advantages needed to effectively maintain the state of the game.

Comfortable gripping point

The Viper Diamond dart comes with a handy grip so that you can feel comfortable and professional after throwing the dart. It can help you to enjoy the balance while touching your really important things while you are playing the dart game. Those who are trying hard to have some skills, this product may change their lives and maybe a great pick for them. The slim shape makes the dart very suitable for any smart individual. When you do not use darts, you can also use a uniquely designed shell to store darts.

High-quality Barrels

The high-quality barrel is the core. These are achieved by using 10% nickel and 90% tungsten materials for strength and life. Similarly, the barrels are there to offer the users with enough balance. Another feature you will love about this model is that it has a striking and stylish design that perfectly presents the look of your game.

Diamond-cut aluminum

The shaft is made of diamond-cut aluminum and is tightly locked to prevent continuous tightening. The kit also includes 3 additional nylon shafts, aircraft, flight protector, and dart needle. You will also get a dart mechanical wrench and suitcase. The protective sleeve has a hard shell and a soft lining inside. The diamond cutting shaft has a locking hole, which ensures a tight fit to improve stability.

Viper Diamond comes with such shafts that are designed with utilizing aluminum. However, it may help you produce balance while you are in the game. Not only you, every single player out there entirely relies upon this feature to improve their game as soon as possible.

  • Made with 90% Tungsten
  • Great griping Point
  • Made with 10% nickel barrel
  • Top-quality Aluminum shaft
  • Has an attractive and sleek design
  • Slim profile for extra balance
  • Has non-fitting flight
  • Features limited weight options
  • Not suited for professional players

3. Viper Sure Grip Soft Tip DartsExcellent quality

Viper Sure Grip Soft Tip DartsIf you are looking to practice in a place which is full of humid? Of course, then you might face some sweating with time. To avoid this problem, you need a sturdy and best soft tip darts brand. This best soft-tip dart for beginners has Viper Sure Grip soft-tip dart makeup.


Diamond-cut Aluminum Shafts

Unlike ordinary darts, the rod is made of a mixture of aluminum and diamond. For all practical purposes, this combination is stronger and more stable. This also stems from the reduced need to re-tighten during the game.

Nickel Silver-plated Barrels

The barrel is coated with silver to make it more resistant to corrosion, chipping, and external damage. This coating also creates some special balance, which makes the flight more stable. Since the coating is a little relatable to the gloss nature, it is expected that some style will also be obtained.

Since the barrel is designed with a high-quality nickel plate, so it will offer the user with enough balance. In addition to this, These holes perfectly lock the feathers, the dart will not fly out of the target. Moreover, this allows the user to save from re-tightening the dart frequently during the game.


The darts are decorated perfectly with grooves. You may be wondering where? Then you need to look at the exterior. These play the role of enhancing dart grip. In addition to this, it can help you fix it firmly to prevent it from slipping or falling during handling.

Quality Flights

Some products have disappointed the users due to low flight function. Moreover, when it comes to these quality soft tip darts, you get the quality flights, which can increase the travel speed of the dart for hitting the target.

Aerodynamic build

Viper Dart comes with a strategic position of knurling on the darts. This can effectively enable the users to hold the dart with having a perfect grip. A comfortable and quality grip is essential to determine the perfect shot. It also comes with a sleeve grip that is designed with rubber, however,  you can further increase the power of force of the grip. Darts that comes with flight physics principles have aerodynamic characteristics, which means, the darts can go straight to the target position, but yes, you must practice darts before becoming the best and skilled player! The gorgeous appearance and eye-catching design of these wings will attract your attention.

The shaft includes a feature of locking holes, that can stop it from further loosening, as it can sometimes happen after throwing the darts for multiple times. The remaining Viper darts fly in almost the same way, the only difference being the color and shape.

  • Nickel-Silver plated barrel
  • Colour and size variety available
  • Reinforced tips with rubber grips
  • High-quality ultimate balancing
  • Rubber grooves provide an excellent grip.
  • Weighing just 16 grams, thee darts are considered super light.
  • Not durable enough
  • The rubber grooves get dirty fast.
  • Barely penetrates in a standard board
  • Incomprehensive in scope and stature

4. Arachnid Tungsten Soft Tip Darts – Good flight

Arachnid Tungsten Soft Tip DartsLightweight Arachnid soft darts are ideal for people who want to enjoy the game in real-time without compromising performance.


Ultra-dense tungsten alloy

The ultra-dense tungsten permits the darts to have a thinner shape for improved control and advanced scores. Arachnid soft darts also have elaborate frames to help you place things in the right direction. The side riding gloves can be easily clipped on the belt, so you can carry darts with you. Darts are famous for their versatility and unique design.

Nor does it exclude Arachnid Tungsten tungsten soft darts. Same like other items in the market, we have reviewed here, these tip darts are available with offering some of the unique functions which every level of player is searching for.

90% ultra-thin tungsten

The barrel is made of 90% ultra-thin tungsten, which is praised for its strength and simplicity. If you want to enhance your skills, then you should give a try to Arachnid,  the barrels it comes with are made of annular grooves that are neither rough nor smooth. The peeled aluminum shaft has an O’ring to increase strength and ensure that it will not loosen after long use.

Lightweight darts

These lightweight darts have high speed and accuracy. Players believe that both models (80% and 90% tungsten) have their advantages. The striped aluminum shaft is engraved with knurling and grooves to produce the best grip. Users can easily grab them and hit the bullseye. From the customer’s point of view, the final decision is 4.3 out of 5 stars. This is because the company does not have a 16-gram model of these darts.

There is also a box that comes with this item. Also, you can put all your darts there to save it from any sort of damage.

  • Superior aerodynamics
  • 80% and 90% tungsten composition.
  • Higher scoring and better control
  • There’s an O’ ring for added reinforcement.
  • These darts offer a 1-year limited warranty.
  • Slighter than other darts
  • Try to bounce out frequently.

5. GWHOLE 18g Soft Dart with 16 Dart Flights – Price worth

GWHOLE 18g Soft DartThese best soft tip darts come with best-designed barrels that are enough durable and not easily breakable. Furthermore, the grip is enough perfect to ensure that you throw accurately to easily throw over the target. Moreover, the groove will make you feel comfortable on the fingers and can improve durability.


4-style flights

With Type 4 flights, you may likewise choose a flight that meets the natural use needs, which is different from other flights on the market. The user should be thankful for the strategic placement of various quality grooves, this accessory enhances control capabilities. Now, with this product, you no longer have an excuse to reduce the movement of soft darts. In your other game. Moreover, you have a great chance of winning the game, if you are using this product due to the light and balanced design.


The barrel exhibits a certain precision processing performance, which can produce a strong grip. If you are looking for a traditional product, which in turn leads to an excellent flight. Therefore, it reduces drag while simplifying the flight of the object to the target location.

Quality Nickel Tips

The tips come with best-made nickel silver metals, which are enough famous for their clarity, robustness, and precision. These materials also bring some extraordinary balance and excellent styling. Therefore, these darts can also work for you as a decoration piece as well.

Effective Knurls

Strategic knurls and grooves are placed throughout the dart barrel. These can play the role of transferring grip so that you can enjoy the swing without losing the risk of swing. In this way, they can likewise improve your control over the throwing process.

Pinpoint Accuracy

In addition to quality nickel plate makeup, the pen tip is likewise sharp and effectively simplified. Therefore, they tend to become sharp and accurate. Since the nature of the darts is a bit lightweight, so the wind can not affect the flight.

Quality gripping point

There are also machines-barrels with these high-quality darts, which provide good grip and excellent flight performance. You can use darts with various weights of 18 grams. These professional darts are intended for having perfect and quality nickel-plated silver barrels, with excellent styling and balance. They strategically placed knurls and grooves. These grooves and grooves offer high-quality gripping points that can provide you with better control.

  • Perfect gripping points
  • Low weight
  • High-quality nickel barrels
  • Perfect grip
  • Needs regular polishing
  • There’s a lot of bounce-outs
  • The tips bend and break very quickly

Best soft tip darts 2021 – Buying Guide

Whether you are playing darts in an entertainment venue or a professional venue, having the right tools is a way to ensure your success. When you talk about this kind of darts, so make sure that they come within the same texture, color, and other essential factors.

The Weight

When you are there in the market, you need to check the weight of the dart, as it has an important role in your game. However, there are various darts available in the store, and all of them carry different weights. Moreover, the flight of the dart is related to the weight of the product. Today, most soft darts range in weight from 14 grams to about 20 grams. Similarly, if you are a beginner, then you must have a dart that weighs from 14 to 16 grams. But if you are a professional player, then 18 grams item can be a tricky one.

Barrel Material

Barrel material is probably the most significant factor to consider. Depending on your determination for darts, you may like certain materials. Darts use different makeup materials, but the three types are tungsten brass, and nickel. Brass is the cheapest, but it also rusts much faster than other brass. This is one of the most common materials that come with most darts.

Size and style of Flights

You can also call the flying, the wings of darts, and it plays a very important role in the performance of the game. Generally, the barrel has two sizes, namely the standard size and the slim size. The standard size stabilizes the path of the dart from the moment you leave your hand to the moment you touch the board. Most people buy standard size darts. The slim size is smaller and lighter than the standard size. The majority of the time athletes in a straight or quick throw.

Types OF Dart

The dart is simple to type and with ease function used for the regular game in the dart. Here some suitable kind of darts is given.

Plain Darts

These types of darts are the one, that most people use because they are common as compared to other darts. In addition to this, Plain darts are utilized to make creases and seams that are discovered in the hips and bust pieces of garments designs.

Bus Darts

Bust darts are utilized to guarantee that tops and bodice parts of the dress are fitted perfectly for a ladies’ figure.

French Darts

These darts are additionally used to guarantee that tops are formfitting on ladies. They begin at the base (waist) region of a top and travel upwards to the bust zone.

Waist Darts

These types of darts are so simple, and you can simply find them in trousers and skirts, which are ungathered.

Elbow Darts

You may be wondering when elbow darts are utilized, so they are used while fit sleeves are required in tailored jackets.

Double Pointed Darts

If you join two types of darts together to have some shape for the center, so double-pointed darts are formed.

Curved Darts

A dart gets curved when it is sewed to be curved or sunken (rather than directly) to offer you that shape that you require.

Sanfeng Soft Tip Darts

The dart set found in the cup shape size with good strength of flight. The weight is average with 2ogm only. This provides an excellent balance of proper and accurate setting with all the material for a sound grip system. This is with different aluminum shafts that are resistant and provides durability with locking holes in their barrel.


This is a rare type of dart set with the complete package. This set provides a comfortable, reliable grip which reduces sticking impact to the fingers in the statement of darts. The weight of the game is only 18gm which best suitable for any dart set.


What is the best weight for soft tip darts?

This factor is directly proportional to the user. However, if he/she wants to use the light one, 16 grams may be a good choice. Similarly, if he/she goes for a bit more heavy, then 18 grams are also there.

Is Soft tip darts easier?

Soft darts are much easier to damage than steel darts, so it is wise to always keep a hand on hand to avoid unnecessary interference when playing.

Are Soft tip darts any good?

By playing with soft plastic darts, you will greatly reduce the risk of injury. The biggest advantage of soft darts is that you can use it for digital darts. These electronic dart games offer various games and can even keep your score.

Why do my soft darts bounce out?

My soft dart hits the board sideways and bounces out often. This is probably the way where you can release the dart from the hand. Try throwing as usual, but don’t look at the destination, but how the darts fly in the air.


Best soft tip darts allow you to throw darts easily and comfortably. However, getting the best soft dart is crucial, which makes the device durable and easy to throw. Our list contains the best soft darts on the market, which can provide you with a simple and safe service. But If you are worried about the buying and choosing of the best dart set with a low budget and good quality. Then GWHOLE 18g Soft Dart with 16 Dart Flights is best for you to meet your all requirement with the complete set. Choose the collection that encounters your needs and has the right features to expand performance.

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