Best Plastic Tip Darts Ultimate Review 2022

best plastic tip dartDo you want to buy the best plastic tip darts for your rigid or dart board? Here you have the best selection of Pick dartboard!

In this article, you will find the best options within the category of soft tip darts.

Cheap Plastic Tip Darts

If you are looking for cheap darts with a plastic tip to play with your family, in the garden, organize a tournament with friends, or even for your bar, our best proposal is this batch of 12 PVC darts.

Within this category, they are the best-selling soft tip darts on Amazon and, although they have a simple design, buyer ratings are extremely high.

Of course, you must bear in mind that they are not suitable for professional or serious use but they are comfortable darts since the feathers are integrated into the body: the whole dart is in one piece.

If you are looking for cheap plastic darts with a little more level, we recommend this set of 12 darts. They are perfect for organizing tournaments or playing in bars, they have a brass body and the tips and feathers are easily changed. Of course, they will not go out of your budget.

Soft Tip & Mid Range Darts

If you are looking for darts for plastic targets of average quality and price, congratulations! You start to have options in the first brands. Here are some.

We started with 18-gram Red Dragon darts, a soft plastic tip, and a fine design with shallow grooves. If you are looking for advanced initiation or initiation darts, these are ideal: very manageable and great for learning to improve the game.

A slightly more advanced alternative is Unicorn Cloud Joe Cullen Maestro, 80% tungsten, 20 grams, and short body. Yes, oddly enough, it is possible to find soft tip darts with these characteristics at very contained prices and from the prestigious Unicorn brand. Ideal for regular darts fans.

Plastic Tip Darts For Professionals

If you are looking for professional darts with plastic tips, you have very interesting games that are around 100 euros in price and that will give you everything you are looking for.

On the one hand, the 90% tungsten Jelle Klaaran Unicorn editions, available in 18 grams and 20 grams, few grooves, and a rough body (sandpaper type) to guarantee a grip that does not slip the slightest: the dart will go right where it is you indicate.

An alternative is plastic tip darts from the lesser-known brand XQ Max. Specifically, we are talking about its limited-edition Michael Van Gerwen, with 18 grams of weight, a slim body, and a very attractive aesthetic. Little-known darts but, without a doubt, at the height of the champions.

Of course, you always have thousands of other alternatives on Amazon. In this article, we have recommended the best ones with the possibility of free shipping or Prime (within 24 hours) but do not hesitate to use this magic button to see all the darts available with soft tips.

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