Best Magnetic Dart Board 2021 For Pro Darts Players

Best Magnetic Dart BoardWhen you play traditional dart board games, the first and the foremost issue you always face is the collateral damage. It sometimes means you end up hitting the walls and your wooden furniture or even the paintings. Furthermore, children also insist on playing, but you can’t let them play with sharp and pointed darts.

Magnetic dartboards gaming is the solution to all the problems mentioned above. The best thing is that these are safe for children, so you don’t have to keep a watch on them. Also, some of these provide little math learning steps for kids, too, that is an additional advantage. This article will help you to choose the best magnetic dart board for your children and even for yourself.

Top 5 Magnetic Dartboard 2021 Comparison

We have reviewed here five magnetic dart board reviews for the gaming enthusiasts. We are here, after doing hours of in-depth research of both the product descriptions and the customers’ reviews. A comprehensive review of each product will save you time and effort. Also, it will make you buy one for yourself confidently. Have a look at this comparison table and then choose accordingly.

Doinkit Darts Kid-SafeWeight: 1 Pound
Dimension: 16.2 x 15.8 x 1.5"
RaboSky Magnetic Board for
Weight: 1.6 Pounds
Dimension: 16.9 x 17.7 x 1.5"
Toysmith Magnetic DartboardWeight: 1.2 Pounds
Dimension: 12.5 x 12 x 1.5"
Magnetic Dart Board Game -
6 Green and 6 Red Darts
Weight: 2.25 pounds
Dimension: 14.5 x 14.5 x 1"
GIGGLE N GO Magnetic
Dart Board
Weight: 1.4 Pounds
Dimension: 17.5 x 15 x 1.5"

1. Doinkit Darts Kid-Safe – Best Magnetic Dartboard for Kids

Doinkit DartsAs the title states, ‘kids safe,’ so if your children are insisting on getting a dartboard for their game room, then get this one for them. It has flat darting tips with a magnet on the top. So, you can give it to your children without worrying. The magnetic property of the flights and the board allows the beginners to enjoy perfection. Moreover, due to perfect magnetic flights, you also don’t have to worry that you’ll harm your pets.

Now you can enjoy the fun of the dart boards without nailing your walls. Even if you are feeling a little dizzy, still your shot won’t miss the board, nor it will dart your furniture. The dart tips will hit only the board because of the magnetic attraction between them. But the typical design will give you the feel of the classic dart board set. It has all the features which won’t let you forget the original sense of the game.

You can rest assure yourself about the quality of the tips. The neodymium magnet-based tips will never lose their power to hit the board. At any point, you will never feel that you need to replace the magnet of the tips or whole tips. The strength of these space-age flights is virtually everlasting. Every time you throw them, they will travel straight towards their destination without missing the target. Similarly, the board is also not any less durable than the flights and tips.

The package includes one board with a diameter of 16 inches and six darts with kids-safe flat tips. Above all, the Doinkit features bendy technology in their boards, which adds up to its resilience. So, it will regain its shape as soon as you remove the darts.

  • Affordable in price.
  • Flat dart tips are children safe.
  • It includes six tips in 2 different colors (3 tips of one color).
  • Classic bull’s eye design has the feel of the conventional game.
  • The dartboard keeps falling off the wall.
  • Produces a little noise when darts hit the board.

2. RaboSky Magnetic Board for Kids – Best Outdoor Magnetic Dart Board

RaboSky Magnetic Board for KidsIf you are looking for a travel-friendly design, then the RaboSky magnetic dartboard should be on top. It is basically a fabric-based material with top-end rubber steel and the velvet construction. This feature makes it the portable dart board and a big yes for outdoor game enthusiasts. You can easily roll it up and take it wherever you want to play. The unique material can catch the dart tips due to magnetic attraction. So, it can prevent your walls and furniture.

It is the best option as a gift for 6-12 years old children. Not only the tips are safe to use, but also it is the best option to improve the playing skills. Children can learn to tune up their hand and eye synchronization with this magnetic dartboard. Those parents who don’t want their children to play outside their homes should buy this one. This game will engage children to play indoors with their friends.

It is the best alternative of conventional dartboards for children. However, still, people of any age can have fun with this fantastic game. They can feel like professionals with this magnetically powered tips and board. So being a little drunk won’t even affect your game to target the board correctly. Also, it has 12 neodymium magnetic tips in red and yellow colors, which are more than enough. Now you can enjoy your game with a bunch of your friends anywhere.

The most incredible feature is that it is 2 in 1, or you can say it is reversible. It has a gaming board on both sides. One side features a conventional design of dartboards with a diameter of 29.5 cm/11.6 inches, while the other side displays a bullseye design with a diameter of 34.5 cm/13.6 inches. The design of the board is not only eye captivation but also mind relieving. People who mostly works on computers and laptops can give relief to their vision by playing this.

Above all, the 30 days money-back guarantee makes it the best magnetic dart board for you and your children.

  • It is a double-sided board with two different designs.
  • The portable design is best for outdoor and indoor gaming.
  • Well weighted and accurate throw darts improve your gaming skills.
  • Best in terms of price.
  • It includes 12 darts (six red and six yellow).
  • Sometimes dart tips slide off the board.
  • The yellow-colored tips are too loud for the eyes.

3. Toysmith Magnetic Dartboard – Best Small Magnetic Dart Board

Toysmith Magnetic DartboardToysmith never failed to amaze its users with the most amazing toys for children. Well, for this one, it is not specified for children only. What is best about this dartboard is its look. It looks just like a real dartboard of cork. However, it is not a traditionally styled cork or wooden board but a magnetic one. That’s why it is safe for children because its darts have not pointed tips that may harm them. Now you won’t frustrate that your darts are not hitting the board. They will hit the target even if you throw them being sleepy because of the strong magnets.

This set will engage your children at home and won’t let them bore. The best advantage of the magnetic darts, in our opinion, is that they won’t damage anything. The flat tips will not create any holes in your furniture or on your wall paintings. You can easily hang it on any wall having a nail with a keyhole slot on its backside. So, if you ever feel like playing outdoor in any park or anywhere, take it with you and hang it there.

The magnet technology is specially designed for the children and for those who want to practice. However, it is best suited for children of 6 years and above. Its perfection to hit the board will tune-up your capability to coordinate your eyes and hands. Its vintage look will enhance the visual appeal of your game room or children’s room. The darts have traditionally styled flights with them, which aid them in moving rightly towards its target.

The package includes a board with a diameter of 11.5 inches and six dart tips. So, you can enjoy your game with your friends in the comfort of your home.

  • Best in terms of both price and quality.
  • Easily mountable because of the keyhole slot.
  • It looks more like a traditional cork dart board.
  • Compact design is best suitable for children’s rooms.
  • The size is a little too small than it looks in the pictures.
  • The board’s surface is of hard material like your counter top.

4. Magnetic Dartboard Game – Best Dart Board For Kids

Dart Board For KidsIf you love to own accessories and games having a retro feel, then buy this magnetic dartboard. With a perfect traditional look, it has a touch of modern technology too. It features magnet sticking technology in both the darts and the board. The magnetic attraction between the darts and the board makes you feel pro in this game. Moreover, it is best for children in terms of safety features as the pointed tips are much dangerous for children. Also, it damages the furniture and walls of your home.

The best thing this dartboard provides is the feel of the traditional ones. The flat magnetic tips won’t slide away from the board, unlike other magnetic ones. But here, the top priority of the manufacturers was to make sure that darts stick precisely to the targeted place.

To mount it on your walls, you have to hang it through the keyhole slot on the backside. The modernism in this game will allow the beginners to become professionals. You can make your hand and eye synchronization better with the magnetic sticking property.

To make your game more engaging, every slot and lane on the board has score numbering. So, you can keep track of your scores through those numbers. Moreover, it’ll make you enhance your scoring by making your game better. It can improve the visual appeal of your man cave, game room, parties, and even your offices. So, whenever you feel bored, you can make your time fun with this game.

This dart board has a diameter of 14.5 inches, along with 12 darts and flights. Half flights are red, and half are in green color. Because of these enough darts and flights, you can enjoy your game by playing with a group of your friends. It can be an ideal gift for children on their birthdays.

  • It has 12 magnetic flat tip darts.
  • The tips won’t slide off the board because of strong magnetic attraction.
  • It has numbered double area, treble area, outer bull, and an inner bull for scoring.
  • Easy mounting because of a keyhole slot.
  • It has a retro-style classic design.
  • Sometimes darts are missing in the packaging.
  • The board starts to have dents overtime when you hit.

5. GIGGLE N GO Magnetic Dart Board – Professional Magnetic Dartboard

Professional Magnetic DartboardWhich feature makes this one the best magnetic dart board? In our opinion, its 2 in 1 reversible feature makes it stand out from others. Moreover, the fun design in which GIGGLE N GO manufactures them, are the best to grab the children’s attention. The vibrant color schemes and this monster theme keep the children involved in this game.

The balanced dart weight and the outstanding magnetic sticking capability makes it a perfect starter package for children. They can even learn math problems through numberings on the board. Such learning and entertaining games improve the learning power of the children. If you are a beginner and want to improve your skills in this game, then you should try it. What you can enhance is the coordination between your eyes and the hand while throwing a dart.

The easy wall hanging makes this a travel friendly and ready to go game. Indoor or outdoor, wherever you wish, you can entertain yourself and your friends. Whenever you get bore from one side, spin, and turn up the level of your mood with a new game, the package includes two sets of balanced and robust neodymium magnet darts, which are kids safe too. And a plus point is that you don’t have to tire yourself worrying about the holes in the walls and paintings.

Next, the quick roll-up feature saves you time while storing it. Just wrap it around and take it anywhere with you. In the end, if you are still not satisfied with your purchase, then don’t worry. GIGGLE N GO offers a hassle-free money-back guarantee to its customers in case of any issue. Also, a 1-year warranty still has your back if any problem occurs.

  • Manufacturers provide a 1-year warranty and money-back guarantee.
  • It comes with a quick wall hanging mounting anywhere.
  • Double-sided board provide multiple entertaining options to children.
  • Slide resistant magnets enhance the durability and quality of the game.
  • Darts are a little heavy.
  • Board breaks easily.

Best Magnetic Dartboard Buying Guide

Magnetic dart boards, as the name shows, use the magnetic attraction force between the board and the darts. The board has a metal surface while the darts have a magnet on its tip. If you are planning to buy one, then there must be one of these reasons. For professional players, bristle, wooden and cork dartboards are best. Magnetic ones are preferable for the beginners and for the ones who want to train themselves for best throws.

Now, after you made your decision to buy one, then you must look for some crucial factors about them. Moreover, you have to locate your need and affordability. For this purpose, what you can do is to read some proper buying guides about these dartboards. We are here with the top magnetic dartboard buying guide with some key factors to consider before buying.

Types of Magnetic Dartboard

Firstly, you have to select which type of magnetic dartboard you want to buy. These boards come in two varieties, (i) standard ones and the (ii) roll-up ones.

  • Standard Design

These are the ones that look much alike to the original and traditional dartboards. The main gaming board is of metal construction on which magnetic darts stick. However, the boundaries and side construction are of plastic material. The standard magnetic dartboards are mostly designed for indoor use. However, you can take them outdoors, but the plastic material won’t survive the outdoor environment for a long time.

  • Roll-up Design

As their name indicates, these are the most travel-friendly design and best for outdoor gaming enthusiasts. Their construction material is fabric-based with a fusion of metal in it for magnet sticking. The foldable property of these boards is due to rubber and steel material with velvet fibers in it. These are mostly double-sided boards having a game pattern on both sides. You can have fun with these boards both indoors and outdoors.

Price/ Affordability

Price is an essential factor to consider before buying anything. So, the same is the case with the magnetic dart board. Although they are not highly-priced but still for some people, price is a foremost factor. Standard magnetic boards are usually a little more priced than the roll-up ones. Mostly these dartboards range in price from $10-$30.


To not waste your money must check that the one you are buying has any warranty or money-back guarantee. It will advantage you in a way that if it damages within the warranty period, then you can replace it with a new one. Also, the one-month money-back guarantee will benefit you if you receive the damaged piece. So, make sure that the magnetic dartboard you are buying must have a warranty.

Board Material

The board material is not much different in both the standard and the roll-up one. Both have a metal interface for magnetic sticking darts. However, if you want a durable one that will last long, then the standard magnetic dart boards are for you. But they are durable only when you properly take care of them and play indoors. They make you feel like you are playing a conventional one.

Darts (Quality and Quantity)

Mostly these boards have 6-12 darts in two sets of different colors. If you want to have more to play in teams, then you can buy them from the manufacturers separately. The darts come in two types of tips, flat-headed tips, and bottlecap-headed tips. The best magnetic darts are those that have neodymium magnets on their tips. These magnets are of top quality and stick to the board exactly where you throw it and don’t slip away.


These dartboards are so easy to mount on walls. Standard boards have a back-keyhole slot to hang on the wall. At the same time, the roll-up ones come with a hanging strip or thread to hang anywhere. You have to estimate the space you have in your room and area, which the dart board will require. After measuring the dimensions, you can choose the one which will fit perfectly in the space you have. Always make sure to maintain a proper distance between the board and the dart throwing point.

If you carefully consider these points before buying a magnetic dart board, then you can make the best decision for sure.


The bottom line of our discussion is that whatever you buy must make sure it is best for you. We declared all the products mentioned above best after a lot of research and study. Now it’s your turn to choose the best magnetic dartboard for your kids wisely.

Doinkit Darts Kid-Safe Indoor Magnetic Dart Board is our top pick from all the five products. It is not only best in terms of gaming but also the price point, and the durability factor makes it number 1 too. Go on and buy one to improve your hand-eye coordination as well as targeting skills.

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