Best Harrows Darts (The Best Model Reviews Of 2022)

Best Harrows dartsBest Harrows darts have few rivals. For very, very reasonable prices, Harrows brand darts offer very high performance in any type of material and backed by one of the most reputable brands in this sport, the Nike or Adidas equivalent of darts.

Harrows were founded in North London in 1973 and today it is probably the most recognized dart brand in the world. The Harrows company manufactures 800 products that are sold in more than 100 countries. Some of its darts are so precise that the brand boasts of making them with a weight margin of error of just 0.05 grams.

In this article, you can find the best-selling Harrows darts and those with the best value for money, but if you prefer to see all the darts of this brand available on Amazon, don’t hesitate to click on the following button:

Qualities In Harrows Brand Darts

Let’s start by looking at the latest darts thrown by Harrows. These new features are priced slightly higher than other less recently released Harrows but, if you can afford them, they are a treat that will suit you very well (and they are not excessively priced either).

In this comparative table, you will see the new Harrows Veridian of 26 grams and 21 grams (the latter more recommended if you have been playing darts for a short time) and also the Josh Playne and the Plexus. All of them are 90% tungsten darts and covered in titanium nitride.

The quality of these four Harrows additions is undeniable and the quality of these darts is so high that you can basically choose based on their weight (we recommend the 21 gram Veridian if you have little experience) or the shape of their pen: Josh darts Payne offer slightly less air resistance, this favors you if you have an accurate shot.

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If you don’t win more games with these Harrows darts, it’s not their fault.

Harrows Eric Bristow - Steel Tip Darts

Metal Tip Darts

If you are looking for a Harrows dart with a metal tip at a lower price than the previous ones, do not miss the Supergrip 1700, a fine 90% tungsten dart, and 18 grams of weight. They can even be found under 40 euros, a sensational price for darts of excellent quality.

Another even cheaper alternative is the 22-gram Silver Arrows. They are darts of more modest material but equally worthy.

Plastic Tip Darts

Harrows Super Grip Softdart 90% Tungsten DartsOn the contrary, if you are looking for plastic darts from the legendary Harrows brand, you also have several options to choose from. Among them are the 16-gram Harrows Pirate, an ideal weight to play with the whole family and at a very reasonable price.

If you prefer somewhat heavier darts, you can go for the Aztec 18 grams, 80% tungsten, and with a hard case included to store your darts.

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