Best Dart Board Cabinets In 2022 (The Ultimate Guide)

It is an undeniable fact that whether you are a pro in dart board gaming or a beginner, you must have messed up your walls once in life. Because before becoming pro, you were once a beginner too. Don’t give up on your gaming passion because here we are with a solution to your problem. This article will help you to find the best dart board cabinets. If ever your darting tip missed the target, then the cabinet will take it on itself.

The best thing about having a one for you is that you can enjoy playing within your comfort zone. Before buying one for your game room or man cave, it’s a better option to read about them in detail so you can make your decision wisely.

Top 7 Best Dart Board Cabinets 2022

Here in the list below, you can see the top 7 dart board cabinet sets along with their salient features. We are a big enthusiast of the darting game. Because of this, we have experienced a lot of these cabinets. Based on our own experience, we have developed this list. If you read this comprehensive review about cabinets once before buying, it’ll surely help you in your selection.

Barrington Collection Bristle DartboardDimensions:
23.5" L x 21.6" W
Darts: Steel Tip
Viper Hudson All-in-One Dart CenterDimensions:
41.5" L x 21.25" W
Darts: Steel Tip
NFL Merchandise: Dart Cabinet SetDimensions:
23-1/4" L x 22" W
Darts: Steel Tip
Viper Metropolitan Solid Wood Cabinet Dartboard Dimensions:
42" L x 27.5" W
Darts: Steel Tip
Bullshooter by Arachnid Illuminator 3.0Dimensions:
21" L x 18" W
Darts: Soft Tip
King's Head Dark Wood DartboardDimensions:
26" L x 21" W
Darts: Steel Tip
GSE Games & Sports Expert Solid Wood DartboardDimensions:
43.5" L x 25" W
Darts: Steel Tip

1. Barrington Bellevue Bristle Dartboard Cabinet Set

Barrington Collection Bristle Dartboard Cabinet SetBarrington surprised the gamers with their premium collection of dart boards. They are famous for making high-quality billiards. Other than pool tables and billiards, Barrington also offers the dart board cabinets. Here we’ll discuss the Bellevue style dart board by Barrington. If you love to own gaming accessories with vintage feels, then this is a must-have for you.

The beautiful pine veneer construction of Barrington Bellevue set can give an aesthetic prominence to the place where you’ll fix it. Also, the cabinet set comes with hardware set for mounting which is super easy for you to install it. You can fit it in your game room, restroom, or in a man cave. It depends upon where you like to have fun with it.

Every item in this speaks of its premium quality by itself. It also features a self-healing board with dimensions of 18 inches. This quality makes you concern-free about the holes that will occur whenever you play. The bullseye target that is also staple-free adds up to the bounciness and the durability of the dart board.

Another feature that increases the longevity is its durable steel number rings. These features make it perfect for dart board enthusiasts. The cabinet has an artistically attractive wormhole design. The robust box joint design and the premium class hinges keep away the door from slamming and damage.

Other than the sturdiness and durability, this Barrington Bellevue Bristle dart board cabinet set has all the accessories a professional set should have. It includes six steel dart tips, six flights, a bracket for mounting, and a marker.

You can also keep the record of your scores. It includes scoreboards on both sides of the cabinet doors, which are more than enough to keep track. Also, this set contains a marker that you can use for marking points. The included pen is not powdery chalk-based, so don’t worry about the fall off. Furthermore, its design is perfect for a professional who loves to collect antique style accessories.

  • An 18-inch self-healing board.
  • Includes sturdy box joint structure and quality hinges.
  • Lightweight and easy to install.
  • Features a robust steel ring board.
  • It has an unbearable strong chemical smell.

2. Viper Hudson All-in-One Dart Center

Viper Hudson All-in-One Dart CenterEvery manufacturer has a specific specialty in designing dart boards. So here, Viper is famous for constructing bristle and sisal dart board cabinet sets. Viper designs this set with solid pine, giving a mahogany final touch with black felt lining. Moreover, it can be a beautiful addition to your playroom or office. Its professional design and amazing shade can give your room an artistic look.

An important feature that adds to its sturdiness is the box-joint design with bronze hinges. The durability of this dart board cabinet is also because of these compressed bristle fibers. Staple-free board, along with bullseye design and these bristles, increase the resilience and self-healing property. Moreover, the number ring on the circular board is also moveable. This feature enhances the quality as well as adds permanency to this set.

Installing the dartboard cabinet is not any difficult for you with this design. This set includes mounting hardware so that you can fix it quickly on any wall. The presence of two compact design door stoppers is like a significant relief. These stoppers prevent the inside of the cabinet as well as doors from wearing off and slamming.

A fantastic feature of Viper Hudson All-in-One Dart Center is its 18 inches generous size that is also a worldwide standard dimension for the tournaments. You can also continue your previous game if you have a score count. This Hudson dart cabinet set includes an out-chart on one side of the cabinet. On the other side, it features a scoreboard, which you can mark and erase with included dry-erase marker and eraser.

Other than the standard cabinet set, they are also offering several other bundles. These are the deluxe, premium, and elite bundles. The standard bundle offers six steel dart tips. However, all the other packages feature a black Mariah steel dart tip set. The prices vary for each bundle set. So, you can select any bundle according to your priority. Furthermore, you can store six dart tips inside the cabinet. So, make yourself worry-free about where to store the playing items.

  • A compact and lightweight design.
  • Offers multiple bundle options.
  • Includes an out-chart inside the cabinet.
  • Features an official tournament size 18-inch dart board.
  • A self-healing sisal and compressed bristle fiber board.
  • Only available in mahogany.

3. Imperial Officially Licensed NFL Merchandise Dart Cabinet Set

Imperial Officially Licensed NFL Merchandise Dart Cabinet SetThis imperial merchandise dart cabinet set has an official license by the National Football League (NFL). If you are a true fan of the NFL, then you should buy this cabinet set. You can buy the game with your favorite NFL team name and logo on the outer side of the doors. Also, the interior contains the same team name and logo. A plus treat for NFL lovers is that the dart board flights also have that team logo printed on them.

The manufacturers fabricate this set with the wood of solid pine. So, you can assure yourself about the aesthetic looks and high quality of this set. Unlike pine veneer, this solid pine wood increases its robustness and endurance. You can enjoy playing this without disturbing your comfort zone, i.e., in your home. You can add it into your game room, man cave, living room or anywhere you like to play. Because of the classic style, this dart board cabinet can become the center of attention.

The steel tip darts complement the bristle dart board perfectly. Also, it includes chart board scorers on both sides of the cabinet. You can write or erase your points in the game. For this purpose, this dart board cabinet set includes chalk and eraser. If we talk about the size of the dart board, then its 18 inches in size, which is acceptable in international tournaments. Moreover, the overall measurements of the board are 23-1/4 x 22 x 4 inches.

Like other dartboard cabinets, the installation of this one is also not an issue. Mounting hardware makes its fixation like a piece of cake. This set featuring all the necessary items a professional one should have. So, paying this price to get a pro version of a dart board cabinet for home is not so much. It is a correct saying that quality comes with a price.

The imperial brand features a light color dart board in new England patriot style that is light in weight. The compact design is easy to carry on outdoor picnics. Gaming enthusiasts can enjoy this pro cabinet anywhere and anytime they want.

  • Made up of high quality and robust material.
  • Licensed by National Football League (NFL).
  • Aesthetic appeal complements your room looks.
  • Professional tournament size.
  • The cost is a little high.

4. Viper Metropolitan Solid Wood Cabinet & Sisal/Bristle Dartboard

Viper Metropolitan Solid Wood Cabinet & Sisal/Bristle Dartboard Viper metropolitan dart board cabinet is available in different woody finishes. You can pick any of the four available styles. These are espresso, oak, mahogany, and cinnamon. Every style gives a perfect classic look to your room. Viper manufacturers create this metropolitan dart board with solid pine wood that is 100% pure. They don’t use veneers and artificial woods in the making of this high quality, sophisticated cabinet.

The construction consists of high-quality box joints along with bronze hinges that increase the life span of the dart cabinet. The high quality of this cabinet is also because of compact cabinet door stoppers on both sides. They prevent the internal dart board as well as external cabinet doors from thumping shut. Besides this, the automatic door closing is the best part of this cabinet. You just have to push the door slightly, and the self-closing door will do the rest of the job.

You can make yourself worry-free about the storage of the dart board equipment. It has built-in detachable dart caddy to keep safe all the accessories. It has a room for six dart tips, six flights, and a third multi-purpose pocket in which you can store anything related to the dart board set. Additionally, Vipers metropolitan offers multiple bundles of dart boards cabinet sets. You can buy any of the standard, deluxe, premium, and elite bundle set.

Other than dart tips and flights, it also contains a reference scoreboard along with a cricket board for your points. Both these boards are dry erase and present on the inner side of cabinet doors. To make this a part of your game room or man cave, you can easily install it using hardware mounting.

Its razor black viper dart board style comprises of compressed sisal and bristle fibers. The unbeatable endurance of this dartboard is because of the fibers and the staple-free feature. This specific bundle includes one complete set of black Mariah steel tips, which are of brass barrels with black glaze. The most high-end accessory is the laser throw line pen that can exceed typical adhesive markers.

  • Provides a self-closing door feature.
  • Has compact door stoppers to avoid smashing shut.
  • Offers four different woody finish cabinets.
  • 18-inch standard size
  • The doors don’t close fully but leave a little gap.

5. Bullshooter by Arachnid Illuminator 3.0 Electronic

Bullshooter by Arachnid Illuminator 3.0 Electronic Dartboard and CabinetEveryone is aware of the ordinary dart board cabinet sets. However, Arachnid is offering an electronic one. This Bullshooter illuminator 3.0 electronic dart board cabinet set is a premium gaming accessory for game enthusiasts. People who love to collect striking games should give this set a chance. Moreover, it is also a budget-friendly option.

It has an LCD display, which makes it different from other typical ones. You’ll not need any markers and scoreboards for keeping records. The digital LCD display will do this for you as it will keep mentioning scores as the game proceeds. The lesser the accessories, the easier it will be to manage. The darting equipment includes six darts with soft tips. Also, the extra tips are available in case the old ones wear out.

You can manage the power of this digital dart board with an AC adaptor or with batteries. Just make sure one thing that you read the user manual carefully to know about the correct voltage options. Because, the inappropriate polarity and voltage can cause damage to the battery. Furthermore, the packaging includes 4 AA batteries with a voltage of 1.5V.

If you want to give your room a typical bar-like look, then you should buy games with appealing lights. As per this dart board cabinet set, its name clearly states ‘Illuminator’. So, you can rest assure yourself that this gaming accessory will have built-in lights. Surprisingly, It features 13 blue colored LED lights on it. It illuminates the number rings so aesthetically, and also it makes it super easy to view numbers.

The body of this illuminator cabinet is of high-quality plastic material. It adds a little more durability and quality. And the contemporary cabinet can enhance the appeal of your room. However, this is not a high-end product like other professional ones. But, if you are a beginner and not a serious player, then this set will be a fun ride for you. You can easily hang this set on your wall in your desired room as it doesn’t need any problematic installation.

  • Has an LCD display for score count.
  • Includes 13 LED lights for a vibrant display.
  • Contains batteries as a power source.
  • Affordable Price.
  • Not long-lasting because of the plastic body.
  • Not includes professional accessories.

6. King’s Head Dark Wood Dartboard Cabinet Set

King's Head Dark Wood Dartboard Cabinet SetIf you are thinking of buying a dart board cabinet set with complete equipment, then go for this one. This King’s Head Dark wood dartboard cabinet is an all in one package for you. As the name indicates dark wood, so the dark brown color will give a gracious look to your room. The exterior cabinets of this board have an emblazonment of a vintage style writing ‘Kings Head Lodging and Pub.’ It also has an artistic design that increases the visual appeal of the cabinet.

Mounting this on the wall becomes so easy for you because of the mounting hardware in the package. The solid woody construction ensures the toughness and durability. It is also considered as one of the best dart board cabinets among various options. But, if you talk about its cost, then it’ll amaze you because of its affordability. Even the beginners can have the feel of professionals with this classic set.

The board diameter is 18 inches, which is used in official tournaments. The main board contains sisal fibers. They don’t only increase the its durability but also enhances the self-healing property. The darting equipment like six dart tips and flights are present in the package. So, multiple players can also play this game easily. For storing the gaming items, there is a ledge under the dart board. But it is not like a proper cabinet for storing things.

If you are someone who loves to continue the previous game but can’t remember the score, then don’t worry. It has built-in scoreboards on the inner sides of both cabinets. Also, a chalk-based marker comes with the dart board. So, you can mark your scores without any pain of remembering the scores.

If you are concerned about its weight, then you must keep in mind that, it is not a heavyweight dart board cabinet. It weighs 16.58 pounds that is almost the in the range of a typical ones. However, the complete dimensions of this cabinet are 26 x 21 x 4 inches.

  • Has an artistic design on the cabinet.
  • Economical in terms of the price range.
  • Sturdy woody construction increases its durability.
  • Equivalent to expensive models in terms of features.
  • Self-healing property is not as mentioned.

7. GSE Games & Sports Expert Solid Wood Dartboard Cabinet

GSE Games & Sports Expert Solid Wood DartboardGSE games and sports experts are famous for producing dart boards with various woody finishes. They are offering complete sets with mahogany finish, deluxe mahogany finish and oak finish. GSE constructs this elegant cabinet with solid pine wood from New Zealand. To give it a more refined look, they polish it with a furniture grade paint. It increases the visual appearance of the dart board cabinet. Because of its beautiful antique appearance, it will give your room a professional gaming bar look.

You can assess the quality by looking at the bronze hinges and the screws. These high-quality hinges also participate in the self­-closing property of the dart board cabinet. Whenever you finish your game, you just have to give cabinet doors a little push. The self-moving doors will do the rest of the job. The backside of the cabinet is also secured and lined with black felt. So GSE has taken your back in terms of durableness and permanence.

As it comes in a cabinet style, so its foldability is obvious. The dimensions in the open and closed state are 41.5 x 21.25 x 3.5 inches and 23.25 x 21.25 x 3.5 inches respectively. GSE also features an 18 x 1.5 inches dart board that is the official tournament size dart board.

The bristle fibers ensures the quality of the dart board. At the same time, the moveable ring is also a significant advantage. It also includes six brass coated steel tip darts weighing 17 grams. The flights come with the flag design of the British and the USA, which are the famous competitors from ages. It will give you a proper match feel whenever you play it in teams.

To enhance your playability skills to the next level, this features a white dry erase scoreboard. On one inner side of the cabinet door is the dart out chart, while on the other is the cricket scoreboard. The black dry erase marker is present in the tool kit of this dart board cabinet set. The write and erase quality allow you to play as many times you want with keeping your score track.

  • Includes USA and British flags printed dart flights.
  • Affordable in price.
  • Constructed with Solid Pine wood with furniture paint finish.
  • Features self-closing door hinges.
  • Includes an erasable black marker.
  • Doesn’t include installing instructions.
  • Doesn’t have any storage compartment.

Buying Guide

Every dart board cabinet is not suitable for you. And the one that looks attractive but doesn’t have any other cool feature should not be your choice. While you chose one, consider the factors given below:


How much you can spend on buying a dart board cabinet is much essential. So before making a choice, decide on your budget. Then you can easily shortlist the suitable options among the available alternatives.

Size of the cabinet:

While you decide to buy a dart board cabinet, take a serious note of its measurements. Decide a wall in your home where you want to hang it up. If the size of the cabinet is suitable for that wall, give it a go. If it is too small or too big for that wall, consider the other option. But maybe you don’t want to think of any other cabinet, in that case, think of another suitable wall in your home.

Design of the cabinet:

Some people want their dart cabinet to look simple. They only want an elegant finish over hard or light wood, and that’s it. In comparison, others want embroidered surfaces for a fancy look. Keeping in mind the desires of the customers, some manufacturers also offer customized designs. So you can get your name carved on the surface of the cabinet too.

So keep in mind all your demands and find a design that fulfills all of it in a single cabinet.

Cabinet’s material:

The manufacturing material of the cabinet decides how durable and long-lasting it is going to be. Nowadays, dart board cabinets are available in carbon fiber and steel too. Besides, mahogany, poplar hardwood, and cherry wood and the most common manufacturing materials for them.

Of course, the price also varies with the quality of manufacturing. So decide on your favorite cabinet’s material and choose a cabinet accordingly.

The dart’s scoreboard:

Playing a game without a scoreboard is of no use. Because, if you keep a record of your performance, there are better chances of improvements. These comes with a scoreboard that is mostly on the inner side of the cabinet’s door. It can be a whiteboard, a blackboard, or an electric scoreboard.

The type of scoreboard also impacts the price of the cabinet. So keep in mind your budget while you choose one for you!

Mounting process:

Usually dart cabinets are of two types; hanging and mounted. If you choose the hanging cabinet, you can move it to any place at any time. And there will be zero to minimum mounting skills required. Alternatively, if you chose a wall-mounted cabinet, you will need to have some mounting skills to fix it correctly in place. Also, you won’t be able to move it to any other place whenever you want.

Types of darts:

The type of darts also has an impact on your performance. Professionals use darts that are made from tungsten or brass. If you are a beginner, your preference should be nickel or brass-made darts. If you have some experience, tungsten darts are better as they are denser.


On a final note, we have provided a detailed review of the best dart board cabinets. Each one of these sets is best in its own way. However, our top pick here is King’s Head Dark Wood Dartboard Cabinet Set. It is a perfect option for beginners as it doesn’t cost much, as compared to the expensive models. But it is not any less than those high priced models.

Moreover, this King’s Head Dark Wood has all the necessary items which a professional dart board set should have. So, to have a professional player feel you can choose this dart board cabinet set for your gaming room.

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