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Welcome to PickDartBoard! The reference website for information and buying darts and targets.

Are you thinking of buying darts or dart boards to enjoy this mythical sport at home or in the garden? Are you one of those who enjoys watching professional darts championships on television and would like to have your own target? Do you need more information to select the best target and a good dart game?

PickDartBoard aims to help you buy the darts and target that best suit what you need.

I am aware that it is really difficult to find a cheap and quality target, and that the information available in online stores is scarce. There are many factors that must be taken into account when choosing the right darts for a suitable target ( electronic or traditional dart board, dart machines , plastic or metal tipped darts, cabinets or hooks …).

After having bought dart boards of different brands and qualities and several sets of professional darts , I have decided to create this guide to help you choose darts and dart boards the first time, so that you know exactly what you should buy and do not end up buying two or three dart boards and various sets of darts, as it happened to me.

In summary, if you want the best darts and dart boards … keep reading, you will find just what you need 🙂

We also do not select luxury products or bargains at any price. What we want is to select the best value for money.

We work with the Amazon affiliate program, through which we earn a small commission from each sale that we refer to this blog. This sale to you does not suppose any increase and it helps us to maintain and improve our website. The links included in this website that includes the / product/segment in the URL go to the Amazon website.

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